Mega Panel

Ipsos KMG in Turkey extends its household panel sample to 14,000 by empowering digitally and renames it as Mega Panel

Good News for 52 Female Students!

With the donations for participation to Innovation in Research Conference, 1 year education expenses of 52 female students have been provided.

Industry has been decreased by 7% globally and 14% locally.

Organized by Ipsos KMG, Innovation in Research Conference has brought together international specialists of research industry.

We say: “A Woman’s Place Is In the Home”!

According to Ipsos / Reuters Poll, Majority (52%) Of Turkey Believes; "A Woman's Place Is In the Home"

The Guide to Understand Turkey – 2010 has been published!

Conducted by Ipsos KMG and coordinated by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Halil Nalcaoglu, this research constitues a true guide to understand Turkey society.

We find peace in watching movies

We choose movies to escape from daily problems and concerns

Ipsos KMG has become the biggest Ipsos company of Central and Eastern Europe and Africa

With its annual turnover, Ipsos Turkey has become the biggest Ipsos company in CEE&A Region.