Mega Panel

Ipsos KMG in Turkey extends its household panel sample to 14,000 by empowering digitally and renames it as Mega Panel

Istanbul, 7 June 2012. Ipsos KMG extends its panel from 8,600 to 14,000 households. Renamed Mega Panel, this household panel is now one of the largest in Europe.
This extension will be achieved by providing barcode scanners in cooperation with the largest online research company in Turkey. A representative subsample of the panel households will be furnished with smartphones supported by bluetooth scanners – the first implementation of smartphones in the household panel business.
After acquiring HTP and GfK household panels in 2001, Ipsos KMG has run this business for more than a decade, providing clients with consistent data and high quality service recognized by the market.
The increase in sample size will bring more accurate representation of low penetration products, fast growing local chain retailers,  developing cities and specific household groups
Digital implementation will bring breakthrough innovative capabilities in the traditional panel business. While it enhances coverage of household and individual purchases, digital technology will also enable clients to understand purchases in a broader context  that can be linked with purchasing.
Ipsos KMG first introduced its Mega Panel at the annual Innovation in Research Conference held on the 9th of May 2012. 
About Ipsos KMG 
 Ipsos KMG is part of the Ipsos group, the world’ 3rd largest market research company. Ipsos offers insights and modelling services in advertising, customer and employee satisfaction, marketing, media and public opinion research, and anticipation of the future.
With its 500 employees, Ipsos KMG is the leading  research company in Turkey. Expressing itself as the home of research and of passionate researchers,  Ipsos KMG offers high quality solutions with its experienced researchers and its leading research techniques for clients to improve their business, from the very first creative step to the other phases of brand/service/product development. Ipsos KMG is working as partner with its clients from various different areas of business such as FMCG, retailing, durable consumer goods, healthcare, technology, finance, automotive, media, tourism and more. Ipsos KMG is the unique supplier of household panels, retail execution measurement  and the HORECA panel – which periodically measures out-of-home consumption at Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes- in Turkey.
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